Black Politics 2.0, Sequel…”Black Republican Confession”

BushGaryWhen I received the candid photos of President George W. Bush during the Olympic Games in China, I could only speculate as to there origin. The series of pictures have controversy written all over them, as there is not much left to the imagination. The first picture, a portrait of Vice President Cheney was followed by a shot of President Bush sitting by himself in what looks to be an isolated area in a stadium. He is admiring a glass filled with a dark substance resembling beer. The final picture shows a person being carried out of packed stadium apparently highly animated, resembling the president. Two photos positioned just before the final shot shows two women that appeared to be the First Lady and one of her daughters, with curious expressions as the President gestures to and apparently entertained crowd with his right hand that everything is A-OK…

The pictures remained among my files when Black Politics 2.0 was released and my intention was that the photos remain there. Although I suspect that the sender of the pictures anticipated that I would 6
make them public in a politically provocative treatment during the president’s re-election, but I wasn’t taking the bait. While I became more disillusioned with the political trajectory of the Republican Party in particular and party politics in general, I was aware that the fundamental problem with the GOP trajectory was directly related to the advances of the party’s social-conservative wing. In recent years I found it necessary to emphasize in the context of my activism the political point that “black conservatives don’t speak for black Republicans.” Of course this message fell largely to deaf ears. Now that the political dysfunction within the Republican Party has facilitated the political advent of Donald Trump as the presumptive GOP presidential nomination, we can contain it no longer.

From the late 1980s African and Hispanic American stalwart Republican constituents left the party because the mainstream acquiesced to the social-conservative wing of the party. Moreover, the strange political bedfellow politics in New York in particular was insidious and compromised local country GOP leadership severely.  Therefore, at this point we will let the political chips fall where they may as we decided to write a no holes bared sequel entitled “Black Republican Confession.”


Black RepublicanA well placed leader of the grassroots activist wing of the Republican Party has seized on the idea that “Trump does not have the disposition, temperament and depth of intellectual thought necessary to negotiate domestic and international challenges facing the USA on a daily basis.” Gary James has broadened his undertaking of revealing internal racial, social and political under currents in the New York GOP, in his soon to be released book, “Black Republican Confession.” James said, “The Trump candidacy offers a constructive opportunity to renew an outdated party of President Lincoln. An anti-Trump political initiative can shed light on various political shortcomings associated with the bygone GOP.

The Grand Old Party had a strong contingent of African American and Hispanic Republicans in the New York metropolitan area during the 1980s that dramatically declined in proportion with the growth of the social-conservative wing of the party. James is a longtime political player from the grassroots to the highest levels of elective politics in New York’s GOP circles. He has managed the campaign of many local candidates for city, state and federal offices between the 1980s, and 2008.

On April 20, 1984 the re-election campaign of Reagan-Bush, wrote Gary James over the signature of Roger Stone Jr., Eastern Regional Campaign Director, stating,

“I have received word from the White House of your interest in helping the president’s reelection. We appreciate your generous offer of support.

We are building a strong organization in your state and would like to see your group involved. I have taken the liberty of passing your qualification on to our Executive Director in New York, Mr. Charles Gargano.”

James and his organization Voters Anonymous ran the “black desk” in New York State, and they made unique contributions to President Reagan carrying New York State, in the general election. He authored the Black Republican Task Force minority outreach plan under the auspicious of the New York Republican State Committee, in 1985.

James was state coordinator for the GOP Gubernatorial candidate in 1986, Justice Andrew O’Rourke, served as the Harlem delegate for Congressman Jack Kemp during his 1988 bid for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. James has experienced all levels of party as well as community politics from which to draw on in the book.

James begins to disclose the political bowels and nefarious machinations in electoral political party politics in his no holds barred, soon to be released book, “Black Republican Confession.” But during an extensive interview with a Virgin Islands based Internet streaming publisher Ras Soup, James discusses the Donald Trump political phenomenon and points to a malignant political ambivalence throughout the social-political undercurrent of the GOP. He concludes that the political acquaintance of the party “establishment” and blind eye given to patent bigotry and racism ultimately facilitated the Trump phenomenon that turned a political juggernaut…

During the comprehensive interview with Ras Soup, James explains why he has positioned his election initiative in the framework of “anti-Trump” as opposed to “pro-Hillary” in his interesting political perspective. But, James is unequivocal about the decline of the social-conservative movement in the Republican Party based on the emerging demographic in America. Accordingly, as the browning of America occurs, the social-conservative political ideology will become less influential therefore the Republican Party’s philosophical as well as political thrust will necessarily undergo radical political surgery.

James said, “We want to be in front of the political curve when Trump, and the social conservative wing of the Republican Party bomb out respectively. Interestingly enough, the Trump political juggernaut is timely as his candidacy will likely crash and burn, while the GOP will require a rebirth for the ashes. Politically resurrecting the ashes and dried bones is a political growth opportunity for the Republican Party. It may be an emerging market going forward.”

Portions of Gary James’ extensive interview will be published on various media platforms throughout this presidential election season.