INTERVIEW: Columbia University School of Journalism

In August of 2008 I granted an interview with the School of Journalism at Columbia University, in New York City. The interview was conducted by Jacob Templin a student. The back story is that Gary James was approached because of public pronouncements made that although he initially supported Senator McCain for President he ultimately publicly supported Senator Obama for president. In conjunction with other Republican he organized a coalition of Republicans and Democrats dubbed “New Era Coalition” and worked for the election of Senator Obama president of the United States.

In the wake of our revolutionary decision the demise of the Harlem Republican Club occurred and it was alleged by GOP district leader Will Brown, the club closed because Gary James and others left the club to support the candidacy of Democratic candidate Senator Obama. The apparent objective of the interview was nefarious.

This was a follow-up as few years earlier a story published in the New York Sun which explored a controversy with the headline: “Harlem Republicans Criticized – By a Republican”


We are pleased to have made a contribution to the political victory of the first African American President of the United States… 




Click each photo of the young man who would be president, download and open the video…

In the wake of success of the New Era Coalition, and political controversy of a tribal nature of unfolding partisan electoral politics I confirmed my future status as emeritus to the organization. Subsequently I began researching my paternal ancestry on St. Croix, in the Virgin Islands of the United States, in 2009.