Transfer Day

I never heard about Transfer Day until I relocated to St. Croix, in the Virgin Islands, and began researching my family ancestry at Whim Museum. I was well versed in African American history as a product of New York City and form education, but my research about the Danish West Indies, now known as the Virgin Islands of the United States of America.

I learned that Transfer Day occurred on March 31, 1917 and the event consummated the purchase by the United States of America from the kingdom of Denmark, the Danish West Indies now known as the Virgin Islands. Subsequently, I learned about Emancipation Day, Contract Day, and “Fire burn” Liberty Day, David Hamilton Jackson, Casper Holstein and so much more rich history. Ultimately what I learned about the history of St. Croix, and Virgin Islands filled in some gaping holes and rounded-off my historical world view.

Equally profound was the lessons I began learning about my ancestry on St. Croix and the proliferation of my family on the island, the Caribbean region and the United States. But the numbers of family members on the big island of St. Croix is impressive. Hence, my work on the subject of family ancestry is just begun.

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